1. A crack in the bottom! What to do about you!

    As these arise in the studio I will try to take some pictures and update as we go along.  This happened when I was assembling a teapot just a couple of weeks ago. I had trimmed the teapot a little thin around the foot and as I was attaching the handle to the pot I pushed a little hard and it cracked around the foot where the pot meets the foot.  This is how I fixed it: On the outside - I added a little water and pushed it back together and smoothed it out.  On the ins…Read More

  2. When we were kids:

    As we were kids time passed slowly at least it seemed to.  As adults all it does is speed up!  My theory on this is that as adults we have already seen it and don't need to take the time to notice it again.  As kids it was all brand new and interesting, we would stop to smell the flowers and wonder at the grasshopper, now we have smelled that flower and know how the grasshopper moves and don't need to do it again.....  Time passes faster and faster and never seems to…Read More