A huge THANK YOU to all who supported Plays in Mud Pottery- The Next Level via Indiegogo!

It was an incredible success and I am so excited to be going to American Made Wholesale show in May 2016

In order of donation:

Justin Roath

John Newtson

Eliza Schissel

Rebecca Brey

Lynn Durchman

Tom Morris

Shannon Rose

Tracy Hawkins

David Greenwood  and  Maggie McCann

Allen W. Roth

Heather W Murphy

Lyubov Zuyeva

Sam Hochberg

Albert J. Coccagna

William Schmitz

Richard and Lola Schissel

Lisa A Jennings

Jennifer R Metheney

Melissa S. Birdsong

Alexander Albanese

Zan Barnes

Bill and Margo Hurd

Meaghann Denkenberger

Ann Schissel

Suzan G Eaton

Francis Burke

Debra Navin

Karen M Wheeler

Liz Spear

I also had two Anonymous supporters.